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"Anatman, Muga, Non-Self"

Creator: @koto-art
"Anatman" means Non-Self, and "Muga" (無我) in Japanese. I created this cut-paper art and digitally collaged it with an AI background. Cutting the words with my sharp knife was a bit of a challenging task. The lady in the Kimono dress is surrounded by her Obi-jime (obi-ties). She is getting ready for her busy day, which is not always a happy life. She tries to find solace in her morning meditation, embracing her Non-Self (Muga) moment. Suddenly, she finds herself surrounded by beautiful ocean creatures in her vision. Having grown up near the ocean, she recalls the serene embrace of the sea during her meditation, even though she can no longer see the ocean. Wearing a Kimono is a time of calm and introspection for me. It's a moment of pressure, yet also of tranquility.
Collection: Cut-Paper Artwork
Total Edition(s): 2
List Price: 50 SWAP.HIVE


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