Shipwreck- Art Process Version

I started with quick brush strokes, getting started is the hard part. I liked the initial composition, but I felt the boat was too small and the drawing would feel too empty. I'd need more environment design to make it catchy. I made the ship bigger as it's the main focus of the image. My issue with 2nd composition is the perspective. Foreshortening can be tricky and I wasn't sure I could pull it off right in just a few minutes. After 10 min or more messing with the ship I finally found the position I liked. It's very clear and relatively simple. At this point I merged all of the layers since the extra layers with minor adjustments felt unnecessary. I added some atmospheric light on a separate layer set on overlay. I played around with color settings, till I achieved colder, deeper feeling colors. Next, I turned off the overlay later and worked more on the scene. I added some rough corals and a school of fish (1 fish copy pasted). Later I copy paste the whole set and flip it to fill the empty space. Little details like this makes the drawing feel more complex than it really is. Finally, I changed the direction of the light and added some quick highlights to define the ship. I was running out of time, so I had to compromise. With more time I'd probably try to achieve more atmospheric perspective, by making the back of the ship blend a bit with the background. There is a final version of this NFT

Collection: 30 min Drawings

Creator:  @kristyglas

Total Edition(s): 1