Lernum- The Fairy Dragon

Lernum- Type: Western Fairy Hybrid - a dragon manifestation of others' emotions. Once a dragon is born the living being experiences a peaceful trance. The dragon's color correlates to the emotion it was made of, but, it's personality will be the complete opposite. Hence, a blue Lernum is born from sadness, but the dragon itself is the most cheerful one. This dragon started as a dragon head concept, there is also the Lernum Head NFT. I started with the design and the outline, I used a 0.4 felt pen. I scanned the drawing and then colored the dragon digitally. To give the dragon a slight glowing effect, I used several light and dark gradients, making sure to use somewhat saturated colors. Afterwards I used a few simple texture brushes to finalize the body and clean up details. I left the wings for last because I wanted to accentuate them. Read more
Collection: Dragons
Total Edition(s): 47