A Stamp Collection- Art Process Version

I start with very basic colors and shapes. My canvas is 128x73 because I adjusted the canvas to fit the art. In the first 5 min I decide whether I want a bigger or smaller canvas, and I use nearest neighbor settings when scaling pixelart. I wanted to draw as much variety as possible, so I drew a globe, city, lamp post, flower and a few abstract ones. I use separate layers and masking option or I clip layers together.Final details- This part can actually take just as long as all of the steps before combined. I try to balance details and colors. My favorite is the flowers stamp, because of the strongest contrast. I quickly made the border look shiny, by selecting it with the wand tool and then painting a few bright areas. There is a final version of this NFT :) Read more
Collection: Pixelart
Total Edition(s): 7
List Price: 100 SWAP.HIVE