The Whispering Tree

This is one of the Whispering tree's of Keltorin, no one knows how many there are or how they got there, none of the trees appear like one another, they are never located close to one another, and they possess a unique capability of allowing those who know how to communicate to other beings through the very trees themselves, even humans who know the secret can manage to send a message, but it's those with a deeper knowledge, understanding, and respect who know the true power of the Whispering tree lies far beyond the simplistic wants of sending a message. No one completely understands how they function or the true limits of their capabilities, only those with extreme abilities can even begin to comprehend their possible potential. The trees themselves have only one thing in common, their foliage appears almost mist like a swirling and morphing cloud around hidden branches, the sound of which can be heard at all times a sweet if not eerie rustling whisper, coupled with the tree's unique attributes lead to its common name being the Whispering Tree. This is a scene from my story and whilst it has been written it has not been published, when it is published this will be the accompanying art. All of my art is created on a Wacom Intuos Pro and Pro Pen 2, using Krita and/or Gimp. Link to my story:

Collection: Keltorin Characters, Places and Scenes

Creator:  @krystle

Total Edition(s): 3

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