Remnant Space Battle

Creator: @lacking
Hundreds of years ago a war was waged in a far-flung arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. A Colonizer class Starship named Yombre on its way to a research outpost near Heaclean VII was attacked by Korvoni pirates. The attack was swift and decisive, in favor of the pirates. They enslaved the entire population of the Yombre and were in the process of stripping the ship of resources when the navy of the Federal Republic Of Gneiss And Stuert arrived on the scene. The remaining Korvoni pirates quickly sabotaged the oxygen (blue) and nitrogen (green) tanks of the Yombre and rigged them to detonate into a spectacular Mini-Nova still visible to the naked eye from the moons of Heraclean VII some 80 years later. To commemorate those passengers of the Yombre enslaved or Killed by the pirated this photograph was commissioned using the 102 meter Giga Mirror Sattelite Telescope orbiting the planet Neptune in the Sol Star system. Read more
Collection: Cosmic Debris
Total Edition(s): 1