Vapors Of The Centarium

Creator: @lacking
The Centarium was a giant Prison-class spaceship that was housing over 14,000 prisoners from the nearby Equus star system and its various colonies. It is another remnant of Korvoni insurrection. 25 years ago the Centarium was attacked by an armada of Korvoni pirates. Their well coordinate attack overwhelmed the meager defenses of the Centarium and they quickly surrendered. The Korvoni freed or captured the prisoners on board, a good portion of which would have defected willingly to the Korvoni side. The others would have been worked to death or sold in the slave markets of the black law parts of the universe. All of the crew members of the Centarium are presumed enslaved or perished. At request of the families of the Centarium crew enslaved or Killed by the pirates this photograph was commissioned using the 94 meter Quad-Hex Mirror Satellite Telescope orbiting the planet Uranus in the Sol Star system. Read more
Collection: Cosmic Debris
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