HIVE Reactor Core : CCC

Creator: @limn
HIVE Reactor Corps Ltd oversees and maintains the dispersed Reactor Cores that power the HIVE ecosystem. All 10 Reactors share a "concealed through line" that can be deciphered only when all Reactors have been identified. Additionally, clues to each Reactor's blueprint is encoded in the Reactor ID, tagline, and the very design of the Reactor itself. - Reactor cards are limited to 10 cards for each Reactor Cores. There will be 10 Reactor Cores. - Reactor Core cards are priced to allow everyone to participate in their collection. - Each Reactor Core card purchase contains an Unlockable file consisting of the full 4K version of the MP4 card in addition to a file containing further instructions for personalized Membership Cards. - Once all 10 editions of a Reactor Core card are collected, the next Reactor Core card is released, thereby increasing the likelihood of deciphering the connecting theme. - 30% of all sales will be utilized in the purchase of Artwork from other Artists in the HIVE ecosystem. Read more
Collection: HIVE Reactor Corps Ltd
Total Edition(s): 10