Creator: @litguru
“A rowdy crowd of artificials and drunken humans had gathered around a muddy pit to watch a group of scantily clad females wrestling in a nest of writhing tentacles. The slippery appendages seemed eager to wrap themselves around the girls' bodies. Throbbing upon contact with the skin. The muddy wrestlers squealed whenever one of the tentacles managed to slip through their undergarments and penetrate them with its bulbous tip, depositing copious amount of pink goo on their flesh. The crowd cheered and roared with laughter.” Adventures in the Hub, episode 4, by @litguru. Imagine a world in which a crypto-porn AI called the M.I.L.F decides how you make a living. This is the world of Adventures in the Hub, a story about a blockchain poet who has been tasked by the AI to write poems about undergarments. In this chaotic world, nothing is what it seems, and Mr. Patrick is about to find out just how strange reality can be. I painted this work for episode 4 of the five-part story published in the Hive blockchain. This episode can be found in my blog: I created this work using watercolors on Archer paper. No tentacled creatures were harmed in the making of this piece. File Type: JPEG image Image Size: 1552 × 1712 pixels Print Size: 547.5 × 604.0 millimeters Resolution: 72 × 72 ppi File Size: 1.9 MB Number of Pixels: 2657024 Read more
Collection: Adventures in the Hub
Total Edition(s): 5
List Price: 5 SWAP.HIVE