The Culantro Chronicles 3- The First Energy

Creator: @litguru
I have memories of past lives. Long ago from my genetic beginnings. The lightning in the primordial ooze of creation that set us adrift in this dissipative ocean of entropy. Unicellular lifeforms branching into novel configurations. Algal intelligence. Protozoic wisdom in the patterns and rhythms that emerged through multicellular recombination. Mutations. We branched and co-evolved with other species towards greater complexity and coherence. Higher intelligence in the elemental noise. We spread ourselves across aquatic realms then set up the organic stage for terra-forming the planetary surface. Seed beginnings. Sperm-egg fusion resulting in one of creation’s highest expressions of beauty- flowering plants. That is us. The angiosperms. Soft fleshy petals. Aroma dispenser. Sticky moist sweetness. Seducers across time. Whatever our mission, we can’t do it alone. So we reach out to our winged lovers to join us in this turbulent journey across the stars. ~~~ Thank you for reading this episode of the Culantro Chronicles. The image in this NFT is a JPEG, 1024 x 1024 px at 300 dpi. Read more
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