Girl on JetBike

Creator: @litguru
"I see her glide erratically down the ringed lane, the breeze blowing through her mane of hair. Shaking my head, I lower my visor, and pressing the N-button on the handle, I give the bike a burst of air and propel myself through ring after ring of glowing strawberry fields." The Technologies of God by @litguru. This animation was created as part of an episodic sci-fi tale that I am publishing in my Hive blog. The girl on the jetbike is one of the characters in the story. I conceptualized the animation after writing the initial drafts for this episode. I used a mix of hand-drawn sketches and digital tools to design and develop it. The animation is 1024x 1024 px and 4.94 MB. The rate is 18 frames per second. If you would like to read the episode for this NFT, please visit my blog: Read more
Collection: The Technologies of God
Total Edition(s): 3
List Price: 25 SWAP.HIVE