Lysergic Spaces

Creator: @litguru
"You will be given different types of neuro-chemicals to alter your consciousness. Some of the experiences they elicit will be familiar to you, but others will be completely alien. These experiences can be confusing at first, but the meditative techniques you have learned up to now will help you recognize the landscape and regain control. With a little practice, you will be able to navigate through these experiences with as much ease as you now navigate micro-gravity.” The Technologies of God, part 5,- A Serial Micro-Fiction by @litguru. LSD is one of the most important discoveries in the evolution of humanity. This neuro-chemical allow us to glimpse into different aspects of consciousness the way telescopes allow us to peer at macro-scale worlds, and the way microscopes allow us to magnify the mind-bending realities at micro-scales. In my short sci-fi story, The Technologies of God, an android uses psychedelic substances to elicit a near-death experience in the human she has kidnapped. She uses these substances to show Van Crick his death imprints and to familiarize him with the different levels of ego-death. I used brush and watercolors to paint this image, which is a pimped up LSD molecule. I published this image, along with the story, in my hive blog: The stats for this image are as follows: Size in Pixels: 881 × 1006 pixels, Print Size: 310.8 × 354.9 millimeters, Resolution: 72 × 72 ppi, File Size: 690.3 kB, File Type: JPEG image, Size in Memory: 8.3 MB, Number of pixels: 886286 Read more
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