Spatial Cognition

Creator: @litguru
“I wake up in a dark room. Disoriented. Instinctively, I realize that waking up in a dark room with your head scrambled up is not a good thing. My body reacts, and I try to stand up. Except there is no standing up because there is no up, or down for that matter. I am floating in micro-g! I freak out and flail my arms, reaching out for something to hold on to. But there is only emptiness.” The Technologies of God- Part 1 by @litguru. Source: I painted Spatial Cognition for this first episode of my 24-part science-fiction story in the Hive Blockchain. I used watercolors to try to convey the feeling of spatial disorientation, drugged-out confusion, and Kafkaesque helplessness that the protagonist feels upon waking up in outer space. Getting kidnapped by a sexy android is not all that’s cracked up to be. The stats for this image are as follows: Size in Pixels: 1426 × 1163 pixels, Print Size: 503.1 × 410.3 millimeters, Resolution: 72 × 72 ppi, File Size: 1.5 MB, File Type: JPEG image, Size in Memory: 15.5 MB, Number of pixels: 1658438 Read more
Collection: The Technologies of God
Total Edition(s): 24
List Price: 10 SWAP.HIVE