The Gathering Storm

Creator: @litguru
From the peak of the wave, I can see the silhouette of the Orb against the darkening sky. The blood-red sun is faint and hangs just above the horizon, where dark clouds have begun to gather. On the ship’s geodesic panels, the lights blink on and off in the purple twilight. The Technologies of God, episode 11 Episode URL: Based on my episodic SciFi tale The Technologies of God, this artwork depicts the scene from episode 11. In this scene, the protagonist and his companion are inside a submersible craft, following a floating seaport in the turbulent waters of the Caribbean Sea. A "hawk" awaits them onboard to smuggle them as stowaways in a spaceship called The Orb. The Gathering Storm was published on my Hive blog along with the episode. The image has the following attributes: Format: JPG Dimensions: 1428 x 1610 Size: 2.07 MB Original Medium: Watercolor In addition to the image, I have included an unlockable PDF document in which I discuss some of the creative techniques that I used in the creation process. Thank you! Read more
Collection: The Technologies of God
Total Edition(s): 5
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