LEO2038-The Trip

The first piece of LEO2038 collection. I will create some pieces that are backed by a storyline regarding Leo and the Hive blockchain. ----------------- This is the present. After a key player of LEOfinance is killed two lions decide to travel in time to get the power of LEO from 2038. ----------------------- This is a good opportunity for collectors to get their hands on the first piece of the series. There will be 4 copies, one will go to Rolland Thomas the man who gave me the final push to start getting involved in the NFT world. The other pieces will maby have more copies, but only a few will own this one!

Collection: LEO2038

Creator:  @mariosfame

Total Edition(s): 4

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mariosfame 3 Limited Reproduction 150 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)