Between roots

Dimensions: Width: 4280 px Height: 3416 Bit depth: 32 Size: 5.95 MB This personality represents that side of people who build an illusion, called a comfort zone, where they feel safe in a certain way, and they take root, lose opportunities, become obtuse to changes and in this way; They do not accept a job or promotion, do not make changes, or meet new friends, for fear of losing the stability they have built, and in a panorama that resembles a paradise they remain stagnant. They do not realize until one of those opportunities that they do not want to miss really comes to them, perhaps one of those dreams that they thought would never be fulfilled comes around the corner and when they try to take it, all that they built for them. prevents taking it, they are tied between the roots that they themselves planted. As the wizard of oz band says, Your home is where your feet take you. "Move, you are not a tree for that you have two feet" This personality that took root, now, has to break, suffer, and fight without giving up to break and leave the place that he himself built to feel safe. And when you do, you will be free. This personality is not dead or sad, she feels longing to leave where she is to see that the world is bigger, and that there is much more, beyond what she sees. Eyes of desire. Move, don't stop fighting, freedom is in your power. Read more
Collection: My mystical personalities
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