I pulled the trigger

Dimensions: 3492 x 2391 Bit depth 32 Size 2.90 mb When I pulled the trigger, I discovered that snow only freezes when you are not wearing warm clothes. But if you drink a little tea, coffee or hot chocolate and put on your mother's coat, you can see that beauty can also be born from the cold. You just need to be prepared for the snow. When I pulled the trigger I discovered that feelings still inhabited me. They emerged from the memories of a life that I did not appreciate. They were born from the anguish of the last song heard. Forgotten pencil wanting to create. From the friend who was waiting for my reply message. The food on the table and Mom in her chair to work. Apparently I liked all that. The tree in the park where he slept in the afternoon. And the puppy who was waiting for the remains of my food in the afternoon. Apparently I really liked that, the everyday life. But I pulled the trigger. I've pulled the trigger when I could have one more day to try. I have pulled the trigger, many who no longer have time in their life clock but still have things they want to do would reproach me. And many will say that I was selfish. Others that I am a coward. I was wrong. If I wanted tomorrow, but it had been months when I did nothing but "feel nothing" and I did not feel until I pulled the trigger. And I hit rock bottom and ascended. But not to heaven. Well, pulling the trigger jammed the bullet. And there was no cannon that spilled blood. And only idea flowers were born from the explosion. And today I have a new day again. After having lost everything to understand that I like life inside my head, that everyday life is exciting and that I am my best company.

Collection: My mystical personalities

Creator:  @marriakjozhegp

Total Edition(s): 2

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