The wings of fear don't fly

This is the second installment and as we still have wings to fly, exceed limits, reach where no one has reached, and go higher, with the use of those "wings" that we humans have, our talents and qualities ... Sometimes we can have the fastest, strongest, most resistant wings, but if we don't see it, if we don't see ourselves, if we don't trust ourselves, if we don't work on ourselves, these gifts that we have They can become such a heavy load that we cannot stand up, and they keep us down on the ground. Making us feel on the edge of a cliff, about to fall and drowning, making us feel that any wave can bring us down. How scary, when we cannot see that the strength to get ahead is in us. Come out and fly that in this ocean we will not die, get up, what you carry on your back is not a burden, it is a blessing and can make you go even further, you just need a little courage. Dimensions: HEIGHT 2300 pixels x WIDTH 2274 pixels Bit depth: 8 Size: 1.06 MB

Collection: My mystical personalities

Creator:  @marriakjozhegp

Total Edition(s): 3

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marriakjozhegp 1 Limited Reproduction 30 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
marriakjozhegp 2 Limited Reproduction 30 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
marriakjozhegp 3 Limited Reproduction 30 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)