Mi Luz Interior

Creator: @medussart
"My Inner Light"//3211x3940px//Png File// Traditional drawing on handmade paper by me .I used gouache for this special illustration.I was inspired by the energy of "The Hermit", my favorite tarot major arcane, this is like a mirror of myself finding my own wisdom, my self-love, my strength among the chaos...immersed in the deepest part of my heart.I like to paint my own oracle card as a totem when I am going through difficult times or working on my own spiritual strength to focus on my goals and not look back, not look around; sometimes we can get lost in the process of facing our own shadows or the shadows of others, but I am aligned with my purpose.You can find the process of this painting, and also the process of my handmade paper made with recycled sheets from an old book and dried flowers at my Hive.blog // https://linktr.ee/medussaart Read more
Collection: Meaningful Paintings & Drawings
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