Ali di Carta

Creator: @mfarinato
Sogni di carta (translated it means paper dreams) is a project thought and conceived for the web. The video is a sort of “light-psychedelic” image-slide synchronized with music. I choose to produce a light-sort-of-video to be used specifically as background for this web-experience.This is a special place for me. It’s a sort of “virtual” way to bond our souls outside of what is considered the main stream. Sogni Di Carta was very difficult to produce, is not an easy song. It is actually very introspective. S.d.C. is a “narrative”, a story from my point of view about this “strange times” we are all living. It represent also a sort of protest against this “rotten” economical system. A system which forces us to sell our music, our art, through a third person. Unfortunately the market is not as serious as it used to be. Besides corruption, politic and marketing are ready to “eat” the next victim on the scene.. no thank you.. I feel as I would sell my very same soul to the devil in person. My soul is important, it isn’t worth a penny but it’s all i have….Obviously that you are welcome to listen to my music directly from my channels. The song is available on Spotify, Apple, Napster etc etc – Audius, my channel on blockchain and on youtube. It will be part of my next album – Il mio Diario Anarchico – My Anarchist Diary -- the song is available on spotify and all platform worldwide Read more
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