Flower Of Life To The Power Of Nine in Blue & Pink

Creator: @mfxae86
This is an expression of The Flower Of Life to the power of nine, referencing Nikola Tesla's "Secret of the universe" the 3, 6 & 9). The Flower of Life is pink and Blue, it sits in a space setting with faint nebula in the background. Unlockable: How.The.Sausage.Is.Made. An image file of the scene build in Blender program. This artwork was created in Blender using a series of interlocking spheres mathematically spaced. The spheres were made transparent, tinted, and various lighting and emission techniques were used to expose the Flower of Life within. The background is a dome with various noise effects used to create the black space, stars and clouds. Read more
Collection: Sacred Geometry
Total Edition(s): 5
List Price: 10 SWAP.HIVE