The Fool

The Fool jumps in at his own folly believing he has found a pot of gold where the world told him there was only the darkest darkness. This symbol represents crossing the line of the known and entering the unknown in an ever abundant upward push into new heights, new freedoms and possibly oblivion... but that is the risk we take. This is a art video release to initiate the material of 'Foundation' by Monty Cash which is available late 2021 on - 'Foundation' is a nine part story written by Monty Cash and illustrated by Jessica Berry. The story is coupled with original instrumental pieces of which its influences include Bulgarian, Turkish, Cretan and Tatar traditional musicks. Come on a journey with a boy who dares cross into the unknown to discover a realm of infinite possibility and also potential danger. The sale of this piece will help fuel future work by Monty Cash to record and produce the remaining two parts of this exquisite story of spiritual awakening. 'Foundation' which will be continued by 'The Search' and then also by 'The Journey' are together a three part journey that finishes at the beginning and begins at the finish. The Fool is a 1920 by 1080 original piece set in a square frame made by Monty Cash using opensource software. The original audio track was developed from a single sung word stretched and stretched until artifacts were created. Layered effects were then applied to create a multi-faceted, realm inducing bouquet of audiogenic delicacies. Can you figure out what that word is? Read more
Collection: Foundation
Total Edition(s): 6
List Price: 66 SWAP.HIVE