05.04.2021-13.05.2021 The Commencement

This video/audio art is the first from few to come in the future. It shows the process of how I made the first artwork of ‘It Takes A Few Trails Sometimes!’ project that I am currently working on. This video is made of footage I took since the first day I started burning incense sticks in 2021, which led me to creating artworks with the matchsticks I used. I used to burn incense before but without having any intention to the act. Intention is an important asset to have and set within oneself. Burning away the past, and trying to push through the difficult present state of our world while opening up a path to a better future on a clean blank page. After I finished working on the video, I created an audio where I tried to deliver the same message from my act of burning away the past, pushing through the preset and looking forward to the future. I wanted to make all the mediums I’m using in this project support and compliment each other. Read more
Collection: It Takes A Few Trials Sometimes!
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