Milestone: Hive Keychain Mobile Launch

Hive Keychain is a simple, user-friendly tool that allows a seamless onboarding experience for all apps built on HIVE. When designing the UX/UI for the mobile app version of Keychain, I knew that this was an opportunity to raise the bar for what people expect from a crypto app. As we continue to improve the features and functionality, the look and feel will only become more polished and intuitive. The release to app stores is a major Milestone Event for HIVE as an ecosystem. Since Keychain is funded by the Decentralized HIVE Fund (DHF), this is a success for every single person on the platform. If you love HIVE and want to own a piece of what will inevitably become HIVE History, this is your chance to grab your “I WAS THERE!” digital proof. This will be a premium collectible, limited to a total supply of only 10. Four of the 10 editions will be distributed to the Keychain team. Only six other people in the world will have the honor of owning the first Milestone NFT for Hive Keychain. Read more
Collection: Milestones
Total Edition(s): 10
List Price: 800 SWAP.HIVE