Blood Red Path

Gazing upwards, seeing nothing, feeling everything, walking the Blood Red Path. Your destination is to be the fool. Being free to wonder and admire. Beginners mind is a too soft description. No, you are vast and empty, free to suck up every tiny bit of loveliness the world is giving you. Touching the leaves, listening to the sky, licking the sun, and rolling in gravel. Gazing upwards with an open mouth/mind/heart, gazing upwards into the world. You don’t need an initiation; you are the door of miracles; impressions enter you and leave as mysteries. You are wide open walking the Blood Red Path. Blood Red Path is a unique artwork made with procreate on iPad pro with 3700 x 5000 px, format is png, size is 21,4 Mb. Read more
Collection: HALIEN
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 500 SWAP.HIVE