There are trees above the mountains, growing endlessly into the sky. The deep forest is a barrier between us and them. Separating the possible from the drear finality some call reality – not me, not you. But the forest is not without perils: Mist is floating over the rocks and through the trees, saturated with a gnawing hunger. If a tendril catches you it will drain you of all ambition and direction. You must run, you must close your eyes, you must desire… then you will cross the border into the land of sempiternity. Sempiternity is a unique artwork made with procreate on iPad pro. Classical painting techniques combined with marker drawings create a broody and strange landscape which simultaneously hints at a lighter, open horizon – literally and figuratively. Sempiternity has 1935 x 2631 px, format is png, size is 5866.5 kb.

Collection: HALIEN

Creator:  @neumannsalva

Total Edition(s): 1

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neumannsalva 1 Private 75 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)