So many stars, so many eyes

So much space, but I can find you everywhere. I will look beneath every star und open every door. I will reach inside the house of your soul. I see you. “So many stars, so many eyes” is a dark and moody painting made with alcoholic marker and watercolor in procreate. Format is png 2732 x 2048, 9 MB. ‘The painting is part of the HALIEN universe. Welcome the better human, the HALIEN. Bigger eyes, better brain, more teeth, and universally loved tentacles. It will express your innermost feelings to the world when your self is lost in social isolation. It is awkwardness personified but will eat those who frown upon all that is weird. It will be a blank void to the uninitiated. But not to you, you will understand its deeper meaning. You simply KNOW that a world full of HALIENS is a world full of secrets waiting to become your new reality. You can be more than a boring human … no you already ARE more than a simple human. Now is the time to let your specialness shine: flood your devices with unique HALIENS. Read more
Collection: HALIEN
Total Edition(s): 1