Their hopes, their expectations, their dreams. They are filled. They are happy. I have once been taught that the world, it is a play. Humans are the characters and they just play along whatever comes by. And what death is, that is the clown. It strips the people of their hopes and dreams, and takes them down the stage with them. All that the poor people can do is just cry, cry while they fall to the hell. And those who watch, they will shed one tear and nothing more. But as the nights shift by, their hopes become curses, their expectations become hatred, and their dreams become revenge. And the souls, rises from the hell, the damned to wreak vengeance upon the living, for hear their cry and see how hopeless life is. This NFT is a part of the "Meet the Odd Fellows" collection. Read more
Collection: Meet the Odd Fellows
Total Edition(s): 1