Senescence #0012

From the moment you are born, you are in pain. You live your year, one by one, not realising that it's all for nothing, for you will be reduced to nothing but a pale brown skin. All those pain and suffering you held finally starts to show, and that, is old age. Your body has simply given up. You haven't achieved anything. It's all pointless. You waited for the right time but alas, it was too little too late. Your hoped Renaissance turns into a nightmare Senescence. This is a lesson to all the people out there, Do not wait for life to come to your doorstep; instead you go to life and grab opportunities as they come. Do not regret missing out on lifes gifts. One day you are young, free and happy without a worry in the world, you blink and find yourself with your entire life passed by, no legacy, no reason for people to remember you. The worst thing that a person could feel is regret in the few hours they have before passing... Read more
Collection: Meet the Odd Fellows
Total Edition(s): 1