Creator: @nineclaws
The inspiration from Dracon’s Eye is derived directly from a friend of mine. In response to specific things in conversation at times, his gaze will shift and his eyes narrow in a way that penetrates directly to a person’s core self. One might as well drop all pretenses, he sees through them, says nothing, but you just know. He’s the kind of person that elicits a respectful approach and an awareness of certain sensitivities when in his company. The way he communicates with his eyes, has at times unsettled me, despite knowing him for years. I created this piece of digital art completely through an intuitive process. It wasn’t until it was near completion that I became consciously aware of origin of the primary influence for Dracon’s Eye. It was as if my friend was looking back at me with that penetrating gaze. “Dracon’s Eye” will be minted into an edition of three. I created a GIF in MP4 format. The MP4 and a full size image of Dracon’s Eye are included as a downloadable with the purchase of each NFT. Read more
Collection: Beyond The Veil
Total Edition(s): 3
List Price: 90 SWAP.HIVE