Tomb of the Last King

The Tomb of the Last King is a bit of a misnomer, for the ancient Salivannese people have no word for 'King'. How this tomb eventually came to be known as the Tomb of the Last King is something of a mystery, as the closest word they have for 'King' is 'Tyrant'. Scholars assume this to be a translation issue that simply stuck around, long after it was clarified. The Tomb itself is cut into the rock of a secluded cave system, with many winding twists and tight passages. The cavern side of the tomb is an open cavern, with six simple torches set to create a path to the large twin black walnut doors. Heavy chains criss-cross the entrance, with a single large lock. If you manage to get past this hurdle, you'll find a faded and dusty red carpet and some stairs leading down into the tomb itself. The light is dim, and the entire place smells of still, musty air - but the three torches set into the rough stonework walls never go out. In the center of the room on a raised dais is a sturdy stone sarcophagus. The ancient rune for 'Life' has been carved into it, with a simple inscription below which translates into a warning to any reading it. What lies inside must never be set free. Read more
Collection: Dungeon Maps
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