The Sixth Dimension

The sixth dimension, where art and creativity are born. I see color as the medium that allows us to take the viewer to the artist's emotions and dreams, it is, in a way, a bridge between this physical plane with a higher one. The goal of my work is to take each person to a higher level of consciousness, to connect with what is invisible on the physical plane since art is the highest way of observing and showing the world. This work is inspired by a world without measures that exists inside each one of us, an unlimited world, the world of the intangible, of what is invisible to the eyes of reason but that we still know exists because our intuition leads us to feel. The portals to access this sixth dimension already exist, but we continue to search outside for what has always been inside us. We are one with the Universe. This work is my first NFT and that excites me a lot as I hope it will be the first of many. Thank you all for so much support! Being part of HIVE is being a unique experience that I have really enjoyed. Read more
Collection: Olivares NFT Gallery
Total Edition(s): 10
List Price: 290 SWAP.HIVE