One day the blood, won't keep flowing

Being one night alone in my room, as was always the custom, trying to sleep, I remembered that once I was told that "being alone is an opportunity to know yourself." I can say that it really is an accurate phrase, since once you realize who you really are, you start doubting yourself in many things and you start making changes in yourself. The problem for me was that I couldn't know who he really was. I once read that "a person can feel lonely, even when many people are there for you", and being in my loneliness, I realized that I really am alone, that there are no people around me, nor am I around anyone. So why go ahead with what we like to call "life". I wondered many times why to continue? If it was really worth looking forward and going my way, but never came to a conclusion that would make me move on. I thought very well about everything and came to a small but very correct conclusion, that "one day the blood will not continue to flow." This conclusion was the only one that helped me sleep that night. Read more
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