The fear to the Freedom

He takes another bottle of Vodka from the kitchen shelf, while his gaze shifts against mine, it was his custom, I finish eating my dinner very quickly. He stares at his watch, I guess he was trying to figure out how long he had been drinking, but as usual, he never got it right. When I finish my meal, I go up to my room, close my door and pass safely, I try not to make any noise, since he gets annoyed by anything that is heard in the house, only his footsteps and tantrums should be heard. I hear mom crying all the way to my room, the last time I ended up in the hospital, with bruises all over my body and telling the doctor how I had accidentally "fallen" down the stairs. Mom falls and I know that for the moment it is over, but when the next day ends, everything will repeat itself. Read more
Collection: Be reborn
Total Edition(s): 1