I am not what you really see

I wonder if he knew what the meaning of life was, to which I replied "you are the one who gives meaning to your life." He stared at me and said "you are not really what you see." At that moment I was very thoughtful, what that person told me made it very clear that "I am not what you really see." I am what you see, what people see, what society associates with me, but I am not what you really see, do you know why?...because in a world full of stereotypes, where they judge without knowing everything to what society is familiar with seeing and what they give it define or associate as "good" or "bad". It's just me, in a world to which I don't belong and in which I am usually singled out by everyone as the bad guy in the story, with no future, no purposes and goals to fulfill. It is not that it does not have any purpose or goal, of course, we just have different visions and paths to travel. You want to have a university degree and live fully in your house of more than 200 thousand dollars, I just want to live my life traveling infinite paths of happiness, to be and feel good about myself and now, but of course, that is wrong in front of society . Well you know what? I will continue living my life as I want to live it, because I repeat again..."you are the one who gives meaning to your life." Read more
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