I did not belong to that place

I wonder, how was it possible, that I belonged to a place where everything was supposed to be correct? This whole place was so different from me, full of life, happy, alive. I just felt totally alien there, I felt that this was not my place. It was then when without thinking, I decided to leave that place, to find my kingdom, my dark side, which is what really makes me feel good and comfortable with myself. I say my dark side, because with these spectral eyes, demon horns and bat wings, there was no doubt that my resemblance to others was not evident. I am still looking for my precious kingdom, but on the way I have encountered various obstacles, nothing that I have not been able to face, since I have discovered a little more my dark side along the way, affirming that I am on the right track and that little by little, I will get to know who Sthylar really is. Read more
Collection: Mysterious
Total Edition(s): 1