Creator: @quantumg
I very often stare at the sky at night for a long time when I sit in my garden to have one last cigarette before I have to go to bed. Quite often then, I'm asking myself if at the same moment somewhere up there an alien being is also looking up into the sky of his planet, wondering the same things as I do. Do the skies up there have clouds, too? ... And what do the animals look like there? Fortunately, I have a lot of imagination. The picture shows a "Trunkrunner", which is a specimen of an extraterrestrial animal species. Nature gave this species four eyes. In return, it can barely move its head. In the place where we humans have arms, they have legs. But with these legs, they can run faster than cheetahs. And they are very agile, because with the feathered tail, they can very efficiently control the direction of running. With a long and sticky tongue, they catch smaller animals to swallow them through their trunks. The scene shows a Trunkrunner in its natural habitat. All of the work was done with Blender and GIMP. I also created the textures myself. Some are procedural textures, and some are bitmap textures. Read more
Collection: Extraterrestrial life forms
Total Edition(s): 3
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