Gaia(Zamin) - Hellforge of Souls - NFT

Gaia: Some... call it Paradise Others... call it Hell I.. I Call it Home. The Hellforge! in Which Souls are Made! This realm is often seen through the eyes of duality, either idealised as heaven or stigmatised as hell itself. She is neither and she is both. She is the womb in which Gods are made. She gave birth to the cocoon form that is Humanity, this shell of flesh holds within it a seed of soul. A seed of soul that can only be grown through the trials found within this plane of existence. Trials that seem to be like a hellforge to the cocoon shell in which the seed is implanted. The human within us shudders, yet the soul within is secretly exploding with anticipatory excitement. The God within us is tickled alive by the Trials of Fire our Human aspect faces. Love is the Key to passing these Trials unscathed. Hold tight to the wisdom and guiding light of your heart and this realm will lead to your glorious Crowning as you emerge metamorphosed from your old limited self. Whoever owns this token can contact: and has the right to claim the entire album in mp3/wav format from which this NFT was birthed. Only token holders are able to claim the full album download, unless someone is willing to pay the ridiculous bandcamp price(666€) where it is merely featured as portfolio piece. No further NFT versions will be ever created than one for each Track on the album. Read more
Collection: Inner Planetarium - Trax of Occult Resonances
Total Edition(s): 1