Luna (Mah) - Comfortable Illusions - NFT

Luna: I am the desert landscape Of comfortable illusions I bring sweet dreams to those, Who wish to dream At a price! Dreams that are born only with the mind but without the heart, are complex Fata-Morganas which leave nothing but the taste of stale sand in the mouth. The Moon is a Desert landscape filled with Illusory Marvels, those who travel heartless through her realm are lost by all the apparitions and fleeting mirages of opulence. The heart will still the thirst of those parched lips, if only you know the ocean of water you seek was inside of you and not behind that next dune of sand somewhere up ahead. Whoever owns this token can contact: and has the right to claim the entire album in mp3/wav format from which this NFT was birthed. Only token holders are able to claim the full album download, unless someone is willing to pay the ridiculous bandcamp price(666€) where it is merely featured as portfolio piece of my work. No further NFT versions will be ever created than one for each Track on the album. Read more
Collection: Inner Planetarium - Trax of Occult Resonances
Total Edition(s): 1