Pluto (Polton) - Underworld Monotony - NFT

Pluto (Persian: Polton) : Have you ever been cursed by what's called : The Underworld Monotony. It is a slow and deadly process. The habitual repetitions of the daily grind. The Unconscious reactions that respond ever the same to the same problems. Insanity is doing the same thing hoping for a different result. So too does the sphere of Pluto allow us to come face to face with out own tendencies in which we repeat the same action endlessly hoping for a different result. An eventual auto-pilot monotony becomes the norm, deadly to the young seed that is the soul. An invocation to Pluto through hypnotic melodies that highlight his realm of monotony but paradoxically have been created with the intent to break through the spell of his zombie autopilot curse. Whoever owns this token can contact: and has the right to claim the entire album in mp3/wav format from which this NFT was birthed. Read more
Collection: Inner Planetarium - Trax of Occult Resonances
Total Edition(s): 1