Saturnus (Kayvan) - Capricorn Rising - NFT

Saturnus: And so you see Not all that Glitters turns out to be gold…. And sometimes Not even Gold itself is any kind of real Gold! At least not, to the Soul! At least not, to the inner God! The false gold that we chase, that glittering pile we glance from afar, only to approach and realize that it was the worms eating rotting flesh that were glittering in the sunlight and that which seemed treasure from afar, turns out to be death and poverty when seen upclose. An invocation and spell to break through the illusions of false gold, that glitter among the scenery of life, like strange willow-the-wisps promising us treasure but only bringing us doom. A spell in the form of song, themed after the sphere of saturn, the great hierophant, who teaches through harsh lessons, these melodies are to sooth his temper so that he might reveal his wisdom without too much of a struggle. Owner of this token has the right to claim the entire album from which this NFT was birthed in either MP3 or WAV format of choice, simply email Read more
Collection: Inner Planetarium - Trax of Occult Resonances
Total Edition(s): 1