Venus(Zohreh) - Valley of Broken Hearts - NFT

Venus: I am a River of Tears and A Valley of Broken Hearts. To reveal your true Heart First it must be Broken. The True Heart is only discovered whenever Our Heart is broken, for the shell that breaks is the selfish garment with which we had dressed and hidden our True Heart. In our heartbreak we witness a breaking open, from Ego to Self. It is the breaking Ego who cries in Pain, while the True Heart is crying in joy at one further shell of heavy armor falling off, being broken open from the defensive fortress built around itself. We wish for the things we are in love with selfishly and bear the heartbreak and lessons so that we may wish for those things selflessly. The Trials of Venus lead you to through your own valley of heart-breaks and river of tears. Tears that wash you clean from the dirt you choose to carry around with you decorating the armour behind which you hide your heart. The Secret of the Stone of the Wise, is the Sun Seated in Venus crowned by the Crescent Silver Moon that is the Mind. Whoever owns this token can contact: and has the right to claim the entire album in mp3/wav format from which this NFT was birthed. Only token holders are able to claim the full album download, unless someone is willing to pay the ridiculous bandcamp price(666€) where it is merely featured as portfolio piece of my work. No further NFT versions will be ever created than one for each Track on the album. Read more
Collection: Inner Planetarium - Trax of Occult Resonances
Total Edition(s): 1