$RAVEN Drop NFTs #1

This is the NFT #2 referring to my very first $RAVEN Token Holders Drop on Wax! I also wanted to mint art on Hive, as Hive is my home and I don´t want to do all only on WAX. So with every Ravencoin drop happening on WAX, there will be special NFTs minted here in NFT Showroom. This art cannot be bought or obtained anywhere else! Have fun with it guys! If you want to know more about my $RAVEN project: Have a look here: https://peakd.com/token/@ravenmus1c/the-official-token-sale-of-ravencoin-starts-now Or join my Discord server. :) RAVEN Read more
Collection: $RAVEN Token Holders Drop #1
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 33 SWAP.HIVE