"String Theory Holiday" by RFY (HF)

[Liner pen on notebook page with digital embellishments and color.] This piece was drawn as a doodle. (A DOODLE WITH COSMIC SIGNIFICANCE, NATURALLY!) I played with it a bit in the digital domain, then eventually declared that the image was finished and had fully manifested (in our domain. It might have already existed in another time---in another universe...) I was mostly done with it at this point, until I included it an a batch of images that I sent to my friend, Mr. O. (He's a REAL person, too, not like most of my friends!) He claims to have found the image pleasing. I chose not to debate him on this declaration! At Mr. O's request, I'm making this abstracty, rough, sketchy image into an NFT! But now, (tense organ music plays), the pressure is ON! Will Mr. O be able to set up a HIVE account, get some SPENDING CREDS, and snag this piece before one of the OTHER art collecting entities gets to it??? (If this happens, he says, he will be happy for me... A super nice individual, if a bit TOO selfless for my taste. I say, he should threaten to blood any noses that try to grab this before he can snatch it!) Who knows what the future will bring??? (I should note that he refuses to let me just GIVE the piece to him, as he has schooled me for years that I need to treat my work with more VALUE... Let's see if his strategy pays off this time!) HA! ---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool) Read more
Collection: NEW GENESIS
Total Edition(s): 1