"Home Sweet House" by RFY & FEH

[Crayon and felt pen on reclaimed cardboard. Here is another collaboration, this time with my one-year-old granddaughter. She DID touch the crayon to the cardboard a couple of times, so it COUNTS as a collab (CALL ME A LIAR! I DARE YOU!), but she's honestly still more into chewing the crayons and markers than in coloring with them... SOON, though! Soon, I'll be able to ride her coat-tails to fame... I'll just need to get her a coat with a tail. Maybe a skunk outfit. That would be funny...] I particularly like the eye in the sky on this one, but I'm not forcing anyone to take my opinions as gospel, though. (I'm more of a jokester holy fool than a PREACHER holy fool...) ---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool) Read more
Collection: Trash for Life (In the Haunted Honeycomb)
Total Edition(s): 7
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