"Man Made Monster" by Richard F. Yates (HF)

[Sharpie on postcard with digital embellishments.] This is a tiny detail (about the size of a postage stamp) that I drew on a postcard that I mailed to somebody. I don't remember who got it... That's okay, though... I don't HAVE to remember! If you've never sent mail art, postal art, or hand made postcards to people, it's really fun, and I highly recommend it! It's cheap, it's funny, and most people enjoy getting something interesting and pointless in the mail!!! (If you are interested in swapping postcards, send me a private message and we can exchange postal addresses!) ---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

Collection: Trash for Life (In the Haunted Honeycomb)

Creator:  @richardfyates

Total Edition(s): 1