[Digital drawing and 39 percent Essence of Evil, with just a touch of Riboflavin.] This piece, which will be released in an edition of FIVE, will not be FOR SALE from me. To MEET the BRAIN MACHINE, you must complete the SPELL that will crack the INTER-DIMENSIONAL VORICLE SEAL, allowing your MENTAL IMAGE to RESONATE at the same FREQUENCY as the Brain Machine. (Or, you can take DMT---but I think that's illegal, still... And cheating!) To complete the QUEST and receive, FROM ME, one of these FREAKY-ASS NFTs, you'll need to collect THREE INGREDIENTS, all arcane, all cyber-sorcery, which I will release, RANDOMLY, over the next few days. The first FIVE humans (or A.I. or extra-dimensional entities or fish---I won't discriminate) to collect ONE OF EACH OF THE INGREDIENTS (and then tell me about it via DM on Twitter or Discord... My telepathic communication helmet is on the fritz again,) will be GIFTED a "Meet the BRAIN MACHINE" NFT. Only five in the universe, and I'm a BASTARD ASS DEMONIC SHITHEAD, so I'm making 11 editions of each of the INGREDIENTS! HA! HA! HA! HA! HAAAAA!!!! That means, on the day of the final INGREDIENT's release, it's going to be MUSICAL CHAIRS---PUNK FUCKIN' RAWK STYLE to see who (if anybody bothers) can get the third and final ingredient first... (And the editions are NUMBERED, so everyone will KNOW!!!) Then they will have to drop me a note, and once I do some BINGO-double checking, I can transfer the goody to them!!!!) Mmmmmmm.... Smell that blood in the water? That's the good stuff! ---Richard F. Yates (The EVIL Version) [I can probably be convinced to send individual "slides" for these pieces, too, for folks who enjoy REMIXES! I love that kind of shit, personally! Let the BATTLE ROYALE begin!!!] Read more
Collection: Trash for Life (In the Haunted Honeycomb)
Total Edition(s): 5