Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Creator: @robvector
This is definitely the darkest track I ever made. It's named after the Black Sabbath song which features a seminal breakbeat used in countless hip hop and electronic tracks. I'm a huge Sabbath fan so I always wanted to use this break. I was in a pretty dark and confusing time of my life when I wrote this, so I'm not surprised that this is the motif that had me inspired enough to finish a song. I was just getting back on my feet after a stint of living in a van followed by a failed attempt to move overseas, so I went out and splurged on an ikea desk, chair, and $30 computer speakers to get going with the electronic music again (and I still have those speakers!). Some of the vocals are my own, and the barking didgeridoo sound which ushers the song into its second half is the only time I've ever used a recording of myself playing the didg. Sometimes it's really cathartic to just embrace the darkness and stare beyond the wall of sleep. Not always, but sometimes. Read more
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