Cock Furnace.

Creator: @rootdraws
Warm Hands, Cold Butt -- A problem that will soon be rectified. /tableflip This [1/1] includes a PDF for the entire graphic novel, as well as a Creative Commons [CCBY4.0] PSD File. So, if you have a dildo business, for example, and you wanted to market a line of lava rainbow dildos, or radiant heat dildos, you could figure out some brilliant way of manufacturing that product so it's body safe, and then you could literally take this PSD File, and this very scene, and you could use it as a marketing tool to advocate for the sale of those dildos. -- All I would ask of you is an attribution link. <3 Also, buy before 8/28 and you can opt-in for a book. Read more
Collection: Alice Slays the Jabberwock
Total Edition(s): 1