Behind the Yellow Line

Hush... relax and take time out. Let your life be comforted by the rock-a-bye rhythms of the journey train. There is nothing to fear... nothing to upset... nothing to disrupt... just... stay... behind the yellow line. Important Information Purchase will unlock access to IPFS network link to download original video-art work. Work is designed to be played in a continuous loop. Previews only are shown here. Previews are a true likeness of the original work. Properties of original work are: Video – Size: 564 MB (591,714,163 bytes); Length: 00:02:50; Frame Width: 1920; Frame Height: 1080; Data rate: 26306kbps; Total bitrate: 27842kbps; Frame rate: 25.00fps; Audio - Bit rate: 1536kbps; Channels: 2 (stereo); Audio sample rate: 48.000 kHz Read more
Collection: Meditations and Loops
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 2345 SWAP.HIVE